The Future of Education Summit

25 July 2024 9:00am4:00pm
Sponsored by UQSchoolsNet and UQ School of Education, the Future of Education Summit empowers educators with professional development opportunities, while our activation space offers innovative ideas to integrate technology-based learning in classrooms, inspiring secondary students to pursue STEM education and beyond.

Sustainable learning through Design Thinking

30 August 2024 9:00am3:00pm
Unlock your creativity and be introduced to the concepts of Design Thinking to uncover innovative solutions to your schools' most challenging classroom learning. Then put this new knowledge to the test by designing your own wearable technology.

School Cyber Security Risk Management webinar

27 September 2024 9:00am11:00am
This engaging session aims to inform attendees about the financial implications associated with cyber security risks and to empower educational institutions to effectively mitigate these risks within their unique school environment. Registrations coming soon.

Incident Response Planning seminar

21 November 2024 9:00am12:30pm
Effective cyber security incident response is essential in maintaining organisational objectives through avoiding or limiting the impact of cyber security incidents. Be equipped with the tools to write and implement a bespoke incident response plan for your organisation. Registrations coming soon.

Engaging Minds to Inspire Diversity in IT

16 December 2024 3:00pm18 December 2024 2:00pm
The Engaging Minds Professional Development workshop's aims to support teachers in seamlessly integrating IT and computing into the QLD Education Curriculum, while making the learning process both enjoyable and captivating.

Design Thinking and UX at an AI level

4 April 2025 9:00am11:00am
Unlock your creativity and be introduced to the concepts of Design Thinking and explore innovative ideation techniques using generative artificial intelligence to spark creativity and generate new ideas. Registrations coming soon.

2024 ICT Management and Leadership Conference: Future Ready

29 May 2024 8:00am31 May 2024 2:00pm
Join us at the 2024 AISNSW ICT Management and Leadership Conference, "Future Ready," featuring our own Salome Bowman speaking on cyber health checks, as AISNSW prepare schools for the future of education through engaging sessions, networking opportunities, and access to nearly 100 ICT vendors.

Interaction Design Exhibit

24 May 2024 1:00pm7:00pm
Experience new ways to interact with digital technology in this rapidly evolving field at the 2024 UQ Interaction Design Exhibit. Registration coming soon.

Maturity Assessment Q&A

10 May 2024 2:00pm3:00pm
Don't miss this unique opportunity to have your questions answered by our expert cyber security analyst from AUSCERT. Discover how UQSchoolsNet can aid you in uplifting your cyber security posture, with key next steps identified.

Artificial intelligence

10 May 2024 1:30pm3:00pm
Computer Science / Machine Learning workshop.

Working with arduinos (micro controllers)

10 May 2024 10:00am12:00pm
Information Technology workshop.

Gummy bear workshop

9 May 2024 9:45am10:45am

School Cyber Security Risk Management seminar

23 April 2024 9:00am11:00am
This seminar is specifically designed to address the recent increase in cyber-attacks that have happened in Australia and how to keep your school safe from financial and reputational attacks.

Study Fresh

12 April 2024 9:00am3:00pm
Study Fresh aims to increase productivity in Queensland schools through ensuring the healthiest possible learning environment by building indoor air quality (IAQ) sensors to monitor the air quality in classrooms.

Cybersecurity fundamentals

11 April 2024 9:00am12:00pm
Gain fundamental cybersecurity knowledge you can apply in professional and personal settings to be safer online.

AI and Privacy Assessment

15 March 2024 9:00am11:00am
The ongoing advances in Generative AI technologies present both opportunities and challenges for teaching and assessment. Its availability requires ongoing appraisal of our teaching and assessment design, evaluation and governance. An important step in helping students use Generative AI in ethical and effective ways to develop your capabilities in using these systems.

Technology and user experience

29 February 2024 1:30pm3:30pm
User Experience Design / Information Technology workshop.

Designing your place

29 February 2024 9:30am12:30pm

Giving movement back

26 January 2024 9:45am11:45am
Engineering workshop.

Rockets: aerospace engineering

25 January 2024 9:45am12:45pm
Engineering workshop.

Introduction to programming autonomous robots

13 December 2023 9:15am11:15am
Robotics / Information Technology workshop.

Binary Coding

13 December 2023 9:15am11:15am
Computer Science / Information Technology workshop.

Keynote Address

12 December 2023 5:00pm8:00pm
Join us for an opportunity to gain valuable insights in empowering women in IT.

Design Thinking for Technology

12 December 2023 1:30pm3:00pm
User Experience Design / Information Technology workshop.

Crack the Code - Cryptography

12 December 2023 11:15am12:15pm
Computer Science / Cyber Security workshop.

Engaging Minds to Inspire Diversity in IT

11 December 2023 3:00pm13 December 2023 2:00pm
The Engaging Minds Professional Development workshop's aims to support teachers in seamlessly integrating IT and computing into the QLD Education Curriculum, while making the learning process both enjoyable and captivating.

Data Privacy webinar

27 October 2023 9:00am11:00am
This webinar is designed for a diverse audience, from beginners exploring data governance and its synergy with related initiatives, to those responsible for executing a data governance program, and professionals seeking to understand how effective data governance strengthens cyber security.

Introduction to Cyber for School Professionals

31 August 2023 9:00am1 September 2023 12:00pm
Develop your understanding of information security principles and cyber security risks as well as cultivate an appreciation of the current cyber threat landscape.

Renewable energy: I’m a big fan

30 August 2023 9:45am12:00pm
Engineering workshop.