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More than just an ISP

Having access to The University of Queensland, as well as relationships with leading commercial entities operating in the education and digital technologies space, UQSchoolsNet can assist member schools with far more than simply an ISP service.

Collaboration for delivering unique student experiences

UQSchoolsNet collaborates closely with member schools to enhance curriculum delivery and contribute to strategic direction. Our aim is to provide additional collaborative value, ultimately benefiting students, teachers, and communities. We offer assistance and consultation on various topics, such as cyber labs, humanoid robots, virtual reality solutions, and the remote/virtual delivery of talks. This support is particularly advantageous for schools in remote and regional areas. We engage with heads of e-learning or representatives from strategic leadership teams within member schools, identifying partnership opportunities tailored to the unique curriculum of each school.

Partnering with UQSchoolsNet

UQSchoolsNet collaborates closely with UQ's School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, actively hosting and running on-campus and school-based outreach initiatives that can be tailored to meet specific school needs.
The Indigenous Schools Hub is a unique collaboration between UQSchoolsNet and community that strengthens the positive impact of Indigenous schools and education in Queensland.
UQSchoolsNet has created a variety of Continuing Professional Development courses to assist teachers to stay up-to-date with current knowledge and technologies and to transfer these skills into the classroom.
Our training programs are specifically designed for high school students, offering an overview of essential skills in practical learning, innovation, entrepreneurship, and business modeling.

Attend World-Class Educational Events

Fast track your industry knowledge with the latest academic research outcomes at our Professional Development Series, proudly presented in partnership with AUSCERT and The University of Queensland School of Engineering and Computer Science. Hosted in Brisbane, you can share these crucial cyber security and computer science findings with colleagues throughout your school. Our exclusive member schools will also gain access to several private events hosted by UQSchoolsNet.

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