We understand the challenges schools face when it comes to ICT matters and are able to support schools by providing the below services and products: 

Tailor-made, collaboration-based solutions:

  • All quotes and solutions are provided based on your specific school requirements, keeping scalability, future planning and redundancy in mind
  • We aim to assess and understand the strategic ICT direction and goals a school is trying to achieve, and offer appropriate solutions

Products available to schools:

  • Point-to-point connection services, with bandwidth options up to 10 Gbps
  • Optimal WAN connectivity—via Dark Fibre, Ethernet, IPs
  • Various carrier options between the school and UQ campus
  • Public address space provided
  • Secure private network for each schools' traffic, offered through Layer 2 and/or Layer 3 network services
  • DNS Services—we provide site managed Domain Name Servers

High speed Internet access

Internet backbone access is provided via AARNet through redundant high speed, high capacity fibre links.

Redundancy and resilient Internet services

Using our broad range of technology options and partners, UQSchoolsNet can assist schools to increase the level of redundancy of their service; options include carrier diversity, technology diversity and full geographic diversity.

High-performing technology and infrastructure

To ensure we continue to deliver services to meet current and future requirements, The University of Queensland invests in ongoing enhancements to our technology offering. Our network is designed for capacity increases, and hardware is proactivity maintained to ensure high levels of resilience and reliability.

Outstanding customer service

UQ's own, campus-based, experienced network engineers are just a phone call or email away, and are on hand to provide support for questions and faults.

The network support team also offer:

  • Proactive monitoring of faults to network equipment and services
  • Single engineer case ownership until your query or fault has been resolved
  • ITS Service Desk for recording all incidents and requests to track and manage your support queries
  • Using our bulk purchasing power, UQSchoolsNet negotiate excellent service level agreements with our partners, ensuring you get the fastest resolution times possible

Cost efficient

UQSchoolsNet services are competitively priced, with member schools being the ultimate beneficiaries of cost savings achieved through our bulk purchasing power.

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Policies and Service Level Agreements

Our SLA (PDF) provides schools with the confidence and assurance in the services being provided.

View our Acceptable Usage Policy (PDF)