Interested in learning about Sustainable Technology at UQ? Discover endless learning possibilities of a STEM Professional Development course at the Sudy Fresh Environmental Technology Day!

Study Fresh aims to increase productivity in Queensland schools through ensuring the healthiest possible learning environment. To do this, participants will build their own indoor air quality (IAQ) sensors to monitor the air quality in their classrooms and learn ways through which they can improve it. The workshop involves a hands-on introduction to simple programming in Python and fits within schools’ Digital Technologies curriculums and can be implemented in the classroom for year 6 and up.

IAQ can be a problem in occupied spaces such as classrooms when there is insufficient ventilation to replace stale air. The trend towards retrofitting reverse cycle air conditioners into classrooms has been vital in improving the thermal comfort of our learning environments, but it can have a detrimental effect on air quality if windows are shut continuously for AC operation. Unlike heat or cool, we can’t always sense poor IAQ until it is bad enough to affect concentration and cognitive performance. Which is why it is vital to measure it.


9:00 am: Welcome

We will meet at the University of Queensland in Collaborative Room (49-301) at the Advanced Engineering Building.

9:30 am: Hands-on Workshops

  • IAQ - Part 1: Build indoor air quality (IAQ) sensors by setting up micro-controlling sensors and wiring scheme.

10:30 am: Morning Tea

Enjoy morning tea in the atrium of the Advanced Engineering Building.

11:00 am: Hands-on Workshops

  • IAQ - Part 2: Program indoor air quality (IAQ) sensors with simple Python programming; discussing and measuring the collected data.

12:00 pm: Lunch

Enjoy a delicious lunch at Lakeside Cafe near the UQ Lakes.

1:00 pm: Hands-on Workshops

  • Data Visualisation - Discover the impact of ventilation on cognitive performance and develop monitoring techniques for assessing air quality in classrooms. Storyboard using data, interpreting its meaning, and make informed classroom decisions and actions based on insights gained.

2:00 pm: Panel Discussion

Discuss strategies to improve indoor air quality as well as strategies for negotiating and implementing better air quality.


Limited spots available. Book yours now!





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