Australian public schools to workshop framework for generative AI use

11 Jul 2023

The article discusses the impending workshop on a draft framework for the use of generative AI, specifically ChatGPT, in Australian public schools. The ban on such AI tools may soon be lifted, as indicated by Federal Education Minister Jason Clare. The draft framework aims to guide the integration of generative AI into educational settings and will be presented to various stakeholders, including principals, teachers, parents, and students, for feedback.

The decision to explore the educational applications of generative AI follows discussions among education ministers, with a focus on developing an evidence-informed framework. The National Artificial Intelligence Taskforce is tasked with consulting on the draft framework, with plans for it to be finalized for ministerial consideration at the next Education Ministers Meeting (EMM).

Clare emphasizes the importance of incorporating generative AI into education, stating that students will need to learn how to use such technology properly. However, concerns regarding cheating and privacy necessitate careful consideration and potential adjustments to assessment methods in schools.

While private schools have already been utilizing generative AI tools, government schools have largely prohibited their use. The impending framework aims to address this disparity and provide guidance for safe and effective integration into the public school system.


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