School bandwidth upgrade

14 Jul 2023


The Department of Education and Telstra have entered a $187 million, 5-year agreement to upgrade bandwidth in Queensland's state school network. This initiative aims to enhance digital access and inclusion for students. Over 1,200 state schools will receive upgrades, with a focus on increasing average internet speed to 1Mbps per student by the end of 2023 (40 times faster than before) and further to 5Mbps per student by 2026 (200 times faster). Telstra's $109 million investment will also upgrade exchange service areas, benefiting regional and remote communities. Approximately 40 schools will connect to fiber optic for the first time, and newer technologies like next-gen satellites will improve internet access in remote areas.

Despite this significant investment in upgrading digital infrastructure in state schools, independent schools in Queensland are currently lagging behind in terms of digital access and inclusion, highlighting a potential disparity in educational resources.


Read the full announcement at Queensland Government