'Gaming learning' allows Queensland students to muster cattle, drive tractor, plant crops from classroom

17 Oct 2022

Dalby State High School in Queensland, Australia, has embraced virtual reality (VR) educational technology designed to engage students in agricultural careers. Developed by the Endeavour Foundation in partnership with Arrow Energy, the VR program allows students, including those with disabilities, to experience farm activities such as handling cattle and driving tractors in a safe virtual environment. The program aims to address the fear some students have about working with animals and provides a valuable tool for teaching real-life skills. Endeavour Foundation's Community Solutions Group general manager, Tom Mangen, emphasizes the universal appeal of the VR learning method, noting its value for both students with and without disabilities. The immersive and gamified nature of the program enhances engagement, making it an effective educational tool. The VR initiative has been successfully implemented in 30 Queensland schools, offering students a preview of agricultural work and contributing to skill development in a secure setting.


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