Hosted by UQSchoolsNet and AusCERT at The University of Queensland, the Engaging Minds workshop series aims to support teachers in seamlessly integrating IT and computing into the QLD Education Curriculum, while making the learning process both enjoyable and captivating.

Delivery mode: In-Person.

1. What you will learn

Foundations of AI and its implications through hands-on activities replicable in the classroom.

Interactive sessions led by IT researchers, gaining hands-on experiences, and witnessing the work done in IT and computing-related fields.

Fundamentals of binary coding providing a tangible tool for teaching binary coding in the classroom.

Design Thinking to explore various computing and IT scenarios, collaborating in groups to act out different situations and examine the societal impact of technology.

Fundamentals of cybersecurity, including knowledge about different threats and methods to safeguard against them.

Insights and knowledge from industry experts in computer science and IT.

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