Uni survival guide: How to make the most out of your time at university

13 Feb 2024

The article provides a comprehensive guide for university students, focusing on tips for success and making the most out of their time at university. Deakin University graduate, Reuben Williams, shares his insights to help students prepare for the new university year. Key points include the importance of having essential items like a laptop, water bottle, and writing gear, as well as a pen and notepad to network and jot down names. Williams emphasizes the need for mental preparedness, keeping an open mind about opportunities, and being adaptable to changes in technology and job markets.

Addressing the common concern of disliking a course, Williams advises students to explore their interests, seek advice from others, and gather enough information before making decisions that may impact their career trajectory. The article also highlights the significance of maintaining a healthy study, work, and life balance, with suggestions for getting involved in clubs and activities during orientation week. Williams recommends pursuing passions to avoid burnout and enhance overall well-being.

Saving money while at university is another key aspect covered, with practical advice on budgeting and utilizing available scholarships. Williams stresses the importance of financial literacy and planning for expenses.

The article concludes by emphasizing the role of internships in student success, suggesting that starting early can help students discover their career direction faster. It encourages students to seek guidance from course and career advisers and provides a reminder to contact university advisers for any remaining questions about tertiary study.


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