Collaborate With Others

The Collaboration Service connects a school, at very high speed, into the UQSchoolsNet community network, which encompasses all the member schools, The University of Queensland and a range of websites and content which are available directly through this special connection without going through the Internet.  In late 2017 this collobaration will be extended further using AARNet as well.

This Collaboration Service build ontop of the UQSchoolsNet network aims to deliver schools the ability to connect and share resources locally without going out to the Internet, enhancing the end users experience, and providing access to common shared content.

UQSchoolsNet also works in partnership with member schools to support your strategic goals and direction, by providing collaborative additional value and access to wide networks and communities, ultimately benefiting your students, teachers and communities. If you would like to know more, please contact Ana Vuckovic, Business Development Manager UQSchoolsNet by email at or call +61 7 3346 6455.