Telstra's product update seminar

Telstra is one of UQSchoolsNet's long standing partners, and has over the years worked with us to deliver numerous ISP solutions to our member schools, predominantly via their Ethernet Access and Managed Leased Line products.

On 13 March 2018, Telstra held a product update seminar, where we heard about other products and technologies currently available, and those which will be coming on-line in near future. Many of the products are driven by market demand, and indeed mirror what we also hear within the ICT industry as being current trends: in the short term clients want network and ICT reliability, and are gearing up for increasing reliance on cloud infrastructure, apps and platforms to deliver own business result. In the long term, clients are looking within own vendor/partner ecosystem to grow partnerships with service providers, and these partnerships play a vital role in the client's own technology roadmap and strategic planning.

In the long term, the market will be looking for IoT, intelligent apps and AI/ machine learning as integral parts into deliver of business results.

UQSchoolsNet is looking into SIP Trunk and Business Voice IP options, and will keep the member schools updated on possible new products being added to our current offering.

Last updated:
14 March 2018